Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dimension Of Research

There are three types of research dimension, which are :
  1. The purpose of a study.
  2. The use of research.
  3. The time dimension in research.
1. The Purpose of a Study.
The purpose of the research may organized into three groups based on what the research is trying to accomplish. The characteristics and differences of three groups of purpose are show in table below :

Table 1 :  The Characteristics and Differences of Exploratory, Descriptive, & Explanation
          Each type of the group of purpose consists it's own characteristics. The most suitable group of purpose for my research topic which is "The Healthy Benefits of Playing Online Social Games" is exploratory purpose. This is because in my research I need to determine and explore the benefits of playing social game to the users. Most of the people will ask the questions about what actually social game can benefit the users. They think that playing social game is just wasting time and give negative impact to health. So through my research, I can find out the healthy benefit of playing social game and then generate future research ideas to others researchers which interest to explore more about the social game.

2. The Use of Research
The use of research consists two types, which are basic research and applied research. 

Basic Research:
  • Also known as fundamental research or pure research.
  • The sources of most new scientific ideas and ways of thinking about the world.
  • In the business research context, basic research has a broader objective of generating knowledge and understanding of phenomena and problems that occur in various organizational setting. The finding will become useful for application in business situations.
 Applied Research 
  • Done with the intention of applying the results of the study to solve specific problems that currently experienced.
  • In the business research context, applied research is to solve a current problem in the work setting.
The comparison or differences between basic and applied research are show in table below :

Table 2 :  The comparison Between Basic and Applied Research
Source : Adapted from Freeman and Rossi (1984: 572-573)

          The type of use of research dimension that related to my research topic is basic research. For my research topic, I wish to determine the healthy benefits of playing social game and not trying to solve specific problem that are facing (applied research). I try to use the research to generate more knowledge and have better understanding about how social game can benefit the users. So users can know more about playing social  game can benefit to them such as building strong communication skill, relieve stress and tension, etc.

3. The Time Dimension in Research
The time dimension in research can divide to two types, which are cross-sectional studies and longitudinal studies.

Cross-Sectional Studies
  • A study can be done in which data are gathered just one point in time, perhaps over a period of days, weeks  or months in order to answer a research question.
  • Advantages :  The simplest and least costly alternative.
  • Disadvantages :  Cannot capture social process or change.
  • Can be use for exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory research but  most consistent with a descriptive approach to research.
Longitudinal Research
  • Examine features of people or other units at more than one point in time in order to answer the research question.
  • Advantages :  More powerful and can capture social process or change.
  • Disadvantages :  More complex and costly.
  • Consistent with a descriptive and explanatory research.
          The type of time dimension that suitable to my research topic is cross-sectional studies. This is because the study can be done in which the data can be gather just one point in time. The point focus in the research topic is the "benefits" of playing online social games.

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